How To Prepare For Your First Photoshoot

There is one basic concept that must be understood which is to relax. All you have to do is relax and mingle with the photographer, fun, carefree and a good spirit during the shoot is a plus. Remember energy transfers whether that is positive or negative. When that is overstood, you then enter the flow state, everything comes into place and with a motionless and effortless smooth flow producing excellent visuals.

Think Outside The Box….

If you are a beginner model or a photographer, you must know your poses. Although there will be at times where you draw complete blank in your mind, anxiety flows through you… at this point you must take pause and chill a bit, stall if you have to. I recommend these 5 go to poses;

For Men

  1. The superman pose
  2. Lean on wall
  3. Arms crossed
  4. Feet Elevated on a chair/ bench
  5. Hand in pocket, one hand out of pocket

For Women

  1. The L Shape pose
  2. Focus on curves
  3. Hands on hip/s
  4. Hand on face or chin
  5. Arm cross – Looking down

All of these poses are basic poses you can practise and with enough reptition you can be a natural like any other skill set.

Now that the poses have been covered, Research your location (assuming its a location shoot), there’s always cool places to shoot whether that is London, New York and so on. Tips on location scouting are to just walk around where you are based and find a unique area, note it down and walk some more, eventually you will have a list of places to shoot in, or scout the location one hour before the shoot and note it down.

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