What to do when you need to give credit for an image

When using an image online, it’s always important to give credit to the creator of that image. This will not only make them happy, but it also helps with branding as they are more likely to continue to give you images if you attribute them correctly. In this blog post, we’ll be going over what you should do if you need to give credit for an image on your website or blog so everyone benefits from the use of that image.

I get asked how many times should I post it and if I can just post it once and that is fine. Well, that depends on how much traffic your site gets. If someone stumbles upon a picture of mine and they use it, great! If they have a bigger audience than me, then I want them to share my info as well with their following because they know where to go back to find more info about me or any updates I may make in my business.

When it comes time to post your photos online, always remember to add proper citation. This is important because images on social media sites aren’t necessarily covered by copyright, but that doesn’t mean you can use them without giving proper recognition! Add a line in your caption about where you found or created that image, so other photographers know how to cite your work.

In most likely the images will be posted on the most familiar social networks, such as FaceBook & Instagram. Both can have the same format



Photographer: @hozzphoto#hozzphoto
Editor: @hozzphoto
Model: You/Model
MUA: (make up artist if applicable)

This Format Will Impress Every Photographer!

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