If you’re a company standing out is even crucial. There are countless of companies.. Why should they buy from you…

If you want your company to stand out, stunning imagery on social media is crucial. With so many companies competing for attention, it’s important that your visuals are eye-catching and give potential customers a reason to choose your products or services.

Here are some tips for creating stunning imagery that will make your company stand out from the rest:

  • Use high-quality images. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to use images that are sharp and clear. Avoid using blurry or low-resolution images, as they will make your company look unprofessional.
  • Be creative with your visuals. Think outside the box when it comes to your visuals. Get creative with graphics, videos, and even infographics. Anything that makes your company’s visuals unique will help you stand out from the competition
  • Use emotion in your visuals. Emotional appeal is key when it comes to marketing, and this applies to imagery as well. Use images that evoke positive emotions like happiness, excitement, or even nostalgia. These feelings will subconsciously influence potential customers to do business with you.
  • Keep it simple. Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to social media imagery.

In today’s competitive business landscape, it’s more important than ever for companies to have a strong visual identity. In a world where anyone can start a business with just a few clicks, standing out from the crowd is crucial. And one of the best ways to do that is with strong visuals.

Your visuals—including your logo, website design, and social media graphics—are often the first things potential customers will see when they come across your brand. That means they play a key role in making a good first impression. If your visuals are unprofessional or outdated, potential customers may choose to do business with one of your competitors instead.

Investing in high-quality visuals can help you attract new customers and grow your business. Good visuals make your brand look more credible and trustworthy, and they can help you stand out in a sea of sameness. They also help you tell your brand story in a visually engaging way that resonates with your target audience.

So if you’re looking to take your company to the next level, don’t underestimate the power of good visuals. Investing in professional branding and design will help you attract new customers and grow your business.

Why Companies Need To Invest In Good Content Creation.

Good content marketing is the backbone of any successful SEO strategy. In this article, we will be looking at some of the ways that content marketing can help your business grow.

Many companies think SEO is enough, but without good content marketing your SEO efforts are doomed from the start. An effective SEO strategy must include great content marketing to produce results you can actually measure.

From the outside looking in, SEO can feel like a daunting and unnecessary expense. But when you take a deeper look at your marketing strategy, it becomes clear that investing in SEO is no longer just an option, but a necessity. That’s because search engine algorithms are continuously changing to provide users with the most valuable and relevant information they’re looking for online.

It’s not enough to make your company rank high on Google any more – even if you rank well on Google, you still need to make sure your website converts well too.

If you want to succeed online, then your website needs to be optimized for both content and user experience.

Your website needs good quality content that ranks well with search engines AND helps convert visitors into customers.

Here are 10 reasons why you should invest in creating quality content

1) You will attract people interested in your company’s offerings

2) You will see higher traffic to your company

3) You will be on the forefront of innovation

4) Allows business managers to speak directly to their audience

5) Allows business managers to create quality content and drive traffic on their own

6) Provides consistency in how customers know what they’re getting

7) Gives potential customers all the information they need

8) Increase your ranking on Google

9) Increase brand awareness & Authenticity

10) Increase customer engagement

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If you’re a man, here’s how to make it in today’s social media market.

In a world where there are more than 1 billion people using dating apps, it can be difficult to stand out and make a memorable impression. We know your success rate on dating apps is far from 100%.

That’s why we created this package for men who want to take their profile to the next level by looking confident, well dressed, successful, and full of life. What if there was a service that would help you look your best so you could look like your true self?

We provide professional photography taken in a location of your choice, guaranteed to make any woman swoon over you.

The truth is that men need to differentiate themselves from the sea of others vying for attention on Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, etc. This can be challenging because the character limit means a person’s entire persona and backstory has to be condensed into one or two sentences. It’s also challenging because these sites are flooded with men eager for romance, making it difficult to stand out amongst them.

Why not invest in high quality photography? This doesn’t mean shirtless selfies of you flexing in front of a mirror or worse – group photos from bachelor parties! High quality means professional photographs taken by someone who knows what they’re doing (hello!). So go ahead and put yourself first so that when you step into the virtual reality online dating world, you’ll have your pick of suitors and will know what you’re looking for.

It’s often difficult to stand out from the crowd. You’re not just competing against other men, but millions of profiles on the platform. With so many other candidates fighting for attention, how do you make yourself visible?

1) You must take high-quality photographs.

2) No selfies! Those are lame – take full-body shots

3) At least one full body shot per post.

4) Avoid posting selfies unless they contribute context or fit with your overall aesthetic.

5) Don’t feel pressured to post pictures of yourself constantly because nobody likes being thirsty (no thirst!). But remember that your goal is going to be getting as many matches possible so pace yourself. Be considerate of other people when choosing photos but don’t give up on what makes you special either.

Stand out from the competition.

The key to making an impression on prospective dates is simple: High quality photographs that show you in your best light. Though shots of you smiling at the camera aren’t forbidden (you don’t want to be accused of being soulless), they are no substitute for real pictures showcasing your personality and physical attraction.

Dating profiles typically employ one or two photos when first presenting themselves online. To avoid looking like every other profile, consider including more than one photograph — say, three — so people can see how much more personality you have than someone whose profile includes a solitary photo. The more photos they see, the more likely they’ll click through and take the next step by swiping right or liking what they see!

If you think this would be worth it for your family, book an appointment today!

I feel that it’s important to make the most of each moment we have. This is especially true when we are with our loved ones. An old proverb says that “time and tide wait for none”, meaning that the opportunity to do or say something can be lost in an instant. I think that everyone should take this to heart and embrace every moment, because then, even if you lose someone you love dearly, you will still be able to cherish the memories you have of your time together.

The best way to hold on to your family heritage is by documenting the family’s unique culture. Good picture and video documentation can preserve your family heritage for generations to come. We should keep such memories, framing them in our homes. I recommend local parks, such as Finsbury Park, Epping Forest, and parks within north London and south London.

Check out some points on why to consider a family photoshoot in London

  • You can actually tell a lot from a family portrait. Family portraits are a great way to look back and learn more about your ancestors.
  • Capture unforgettable memories of your family in the city of London.
  • Say no to selfies and yes to magic moments with this unique photography experience.
  • London is great for professional family photos because it is filled with historical buildings, parks, and museums.

To have a fun and memorable time at your family photo shoot this Summer in london, choose a photographer with a vision you like.

What to do when you need to give credit for an image

When using an image online, it’s always important to give credit to the creator of that image. This will not only make them happy, but it also helps with branding as they are more likely to continue to give you images if you attribute them correctly. In this blog post, we’ll be going over what you should do if you need to give credit for an image on your website or blog so everyone benefits from the use of that image.

I get asked how many times should I post it and if I can just post it once and that is fine. Well, that depends on how much traffic your site gets. If someone stumbles upon a picture of mine and they use it, great! If they have a bigger audience than me, then I want them to share my info as well with their following because they know where to go back to find more info about me or any updates I may make in my business.

When it comes time to post your photos online, always remember to add proper citation. This is important because images on social media sites aren’t necessarily covered by copyright, but that doesn’t mean you can use them without giving proper recognition! Add a line in your caption about where you found or created that image, so other photographers know how to cite your work.

In most likely the images will be posted on the most familiar social networks, such as FaceBook & Instagram. Both can have the same format



Photographer: @hozzphoto#hozzphoto
Editor: @hozzphoto
Model: You/Model
MUA: (make up artist if applicable)

This Format Will Impress Every Photographer!

How To Prepare For Your First Photoshoot

There is one basic concept that must be understood which is to relax. All you have to do is relax and mingle with the photographer, fun, carefree and a good spirit during the shoot is a plus. Remember energy transfers whether that is positive or negative. When that is overstood, you then enter the flow state, everything comes into place and with a motionless and effortless smooth flow producing excellent visuals.

Think Outside The Box….

If you are a beginner model or a photographer, you must know your poses. Although there will be at times where you draw complete blank in your mind, anxiety flows through you… at this point you must take pause and chill a bit, stall if you have to. I recommend these 5 go to poses;

For Men

  1. The superman pose
  2. Lean on wall
  3. Arms crossed
  4. Feet Elevated on a chair/ bench
  5. Hand in pocket, one hand out of pocket

For Women

  1. The L Shape pose
  2. Focus on curves
  3. Hands on hip/s
  4. Hand on face or chin
  5. Arm cross – Looking down

All of these poses are basic poses you can practise and with enough reptition you can be a natural like any other skill set.

Now that the poses have been covered, Research your location (assuming its a location shoot), there’s always cool places to shoot whether that is London, New York and so on. Tips on location scouting are to just walk around where you are based and find a unique area, note it down and walk some more, eventually you will have a list of places to shoot in, or scout the location one hour before the shoot and note it down.

How to use a snoot

Using a snoot is one of the coolest tools to use, it has a wide range of uses weather that is Lighting up the backdrop with a certain colour or distinguish the subject aka the model from the backdrop. Which depends on the look and feel of the theme of the photoshoot.

You can however purchase one for either speedlight/ flashgun or any big bulky light aka the big bad boy; the godox AD600.

Most likely your light needs a adaptor which you must find the right one whether that is a Neewer light or any other big bulky lights aka a strobe light.

Step One: Assemble tripod to the correct height, place the light on the tripod light stand.

Step Two: Put the snoot on the light and secure

Step Three: Adjust where you want the light to expose the area you want.

Easy as 123!

Canon RF 35mm F1.8 IS STM Macro Review

Key Specifications:

Focal length: 35mm
Aperture range: F1.8-22 (In 1/3EV stops)
Filter thread: 52mm
Close focus: 0.17m (0.56ft / 6.7in)
Maximum magnification: 0.5x
Diaphragm blades: 9
Hood: EW-52 (optional)
Length / Diameter: approx. 74.4 x 62.8mm (2.93 x 2.47in)
Weight: approx. 305g (approx. 10.8 oz.)
Optical construction: 11 elements in 9 groups
The canon RF 35mm is the perfect lens offering a 1.8 Aperture with a STM focus mechanism. It was one of the four lenses that was realised with the Canon Eos R. 

This Rf Version is more affordable than USM lenses and is sharper than expected. The autofocus is noisy when taking photos but videos is almost smooth like butter.

A multi purpose lens versatile and light, ideal for an all purpose portrait photography or landscape as it is wide and can capture amazing visuals. The focus ring is customizable to your needs or you can deactivate it completely if that suits you. 

The lens is certainly able to deliver nicely sharp images, and while vignetting, curvilinear distortion and lateral chromatic aberration are all visible to some extent but it is usable.