Steve Mathieu is a Canadian Author & Writer that has captured the essence of self development & Spiritual Knowledge

In the attainment of of bringing out the best character in oneself, One must follow the pineapple theory principles & exude confidence in the Theory of the Pineapple.

Excited to be working with Steve “Mr Pineapple”. A Canadian Writer/ author who  gives the theory of pineapples that can be in many shapes or forms, such as a pineapple can be person or a galaxy, in hindsight the pineapple can be us humans that can adapt in many different situations, A philosophy that will improve positive interactions in the workplace and socially. 

Follows the order of the stem being the highest emotion and the bottom of the pineapple being the lowest form of emotion which also connects to spiritual practices of David R Hawkins, the bases of of all emotions need to be let go and with that in mind, we all start from an innocent “baby pineapple” that we are already sweet, which then we grow and mature and sometimes we get moulded by life’s challenges Mr. Pineapple has put forth books to maintain this sweetness in one’s character.

The Pineapple Theory has an ongoing project consisting of Mr. Pineapple traveling the World with his pineapple! London was the first stop and Hozz Photo was selected for a picture day/social experiment. Mr. Pineapple admired the work – dedication – and partnership by Hozz Photo. It was completed with positive initiatives – generosity with time – and with a positive attitude. The Pineapple Theory recommends Hozz Photo for your projects.

Steve Mathieu